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i-Reservations B.V. has been involved in online reservations since 2003. With the help of the various i-Reservations services, your customers can book 24 hours a day and we make sure that you exactly know what the latetst numbers are. When accepting and processing reservations (on average we process 2 transactions per minute), we work according to a fundamental principle: your clients are treated according to their status at the time of playing or participating.

Making reservations online is not unique in itself. But there is an important difference between and other providers and that is that is not a ‘one size fits all’ product. can be adapted to the business operations of the user in such a way that the term ‘seamless’ is in place. With 100+ locations provides a proven and stable solution.

In addition, goes further than other systems. We make it possible that the reservation of a customer, including administrative and financial registration, is handled completely safely and digitally.

Your customers want simple, consistent buying experiences on the web, mobile and in-store. Which is why our platform offers the ability to integrate Square or Mollie. No interruptions or disruptions; just a smooth, secure experience, every time.

Reservations via desktop and mobile

Your members / clients can make reservations for courts, individual lessons and group lessons anywhere and anytime.

Hardware integration

The use of card readers for checking in (magnetic, RFID, QR – starting point: already existing cards), (automatic) switching of lights, using atouch screen and controlling access gates is all possible

Always up-to-date

CourtReservations gives you realtime information, accesible from anywhere


We don’t believe in difficult pricing strategies, we deliver qualtity solutions for a fixed price that includes service, updates, upgrades en back-ups


We do all the configuration work so you don’t have to worry about that.

Website integration (API)

We make it possible to start the reservation and purchase process (subscriptions, tenniscontracts, credits, etc.) on your own website

Online Payments

Your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies using the Payment Platform Square

Membership management

Client administration and subscription management, including direct debit (SEPA)

Contract reservations

Create, invoice and receive payment for a series of reservations at once.


Easily and quickly send e-mails to different groups directly from the system

No court or opponent?

Players can put themselves on the waiting list in case there is no free court available, or on the invitation list if you are looking for a mate

Management info

Various overviews are a mouseclick away.